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News Editing Techniques

Eastern Mediterranean University Faculty of Communication and Media Studies Department of New Media and Journalism

Course Outline

This course aims at introducing the students to the practical and intellectual skills necessary for video production with the new digital technological developments, especially for TV and online news where the viewers’ attentions tend to drift after a minute or two. The focus of the course is to help the potential TV and new media journalists, camera and editing operators to experience the principles and techniques of editing as the most critical step in the post-production process of any TV and new media production that have a few precious moments to establish a scene, introduce characters, advance a plotline and inform, surprise or entertain with a sharp focus. The students of this course will learn how to use to build specific shooting, recording and editing techniques that call on a range of skills, from the technical to the artistic, and it’s easy to get caught up in the nuances of shot composition or equipment operation.

Course Completion Requirements

Within the scope of the course, topics about the post-production processes, camera angles, video shooting, editing software, basics of editing and editing news for TV and social networking sites. Students should shoot and edit several videos. The information about video editing is below.

Exams and Projects

A practice exam, midterm and final project will be applied within the scope of the course.

  • Practical exam %15
  • Midterm project %35
  • Final project %50

Format of the Lesson

News Editing Technique course is going to be conducted to theoretical and practical. Theories are going to be transferred to form a basis for practical studies. All theoretical information will be shared on this site weekly.

Course Outcomes

With the information to be acquired within the scope of this course, proficiency in video shooting and news editing will be achieved. You will have information about how to start a project, importance of the news editing and advanced news editing.

Important Notes

Each student must have own flash driver or cloud account to upload/download own videos.

You may download editing software from our department’s FTP server.

Server: (user and password are going to be given in the class)

Program: Adobe Premiere Pro

Weekly Courses Content

1. Week

  • Along with the course content, information will be given on how the topics will be covered and the exam/scoring system.
  • Importance of editing
  • Editing softwares

2. Week

  • Project opening procedures
  • Interface of editing software
  • First video editing practice

3. Week

  • Editing videos
  • Ordering
  • Cutting
  • Adding sound

4. Week

  • Editing videos
  • Ordering
  • Cutting
  • Adding sound
  • Transition
  • Lower third

5. Week

Practical exam

6. Week

  • Color correction
  • Sound editing

7. Week

  • Lower third
  • B-roll transition

8 - 9. Weeks

Midterm project submissions

10. Week

  • Working with timecodes
  • B-rolls

11. Week

  • Advanced color correction

12. Week

  • Advanced audio arragement

13. Week

  • Advanced lower third

14. Week

Final project submission

Detailed Grades

Practical Exam


1 video is going to be edited in 1 hour. You are going to be responsible to edit the videos that you receive during the practical exam. Video duration will not be more than 1 minute.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Shots ordering
  • Transitions
  • Lower third title
  • Sound
  • Frame

Midterm Project


1 video is going to be edited. The video cannot be more than minutes. Subject is going to be announced in the class.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Shots ordering related with subject (narration)
  • Transitions (b-rolls)
  • Lower third title
  • Sound
  • Color
  • Frame

Final Project


3 different subjects are going to be chosen to edit. If your subject is similar with any other student’s project, your similar project(s) is going to be compare to be graded. You are going to get point depends on this comparison. This may cause to lose your points.

Each video must be between 1-3 minutes. Videos less than 1 minute and more than 3 minutes course to lose point.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Shots ordering related with subject (narration)
  • Transitions (b-rolls)
  • Lower third title
  • Sound
  • Color
  • Frame
  • Duration