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Creating News Portal

Eastern Mediterranean University Faculty of Communication and Media Studies Department of New Media and Journalism

Course Outline

As with the development of communication technology, changes have been inevitable in the field of media. For this reason, it will be examined how journalism on the internet is carried out, how its infrastructure will be established and how it is provided on it. In addition, it will be shown practically how to set up and run news portals.

Course Completion Requirements

Within the scope of the course, topics about the brief history of the internet, internet terms, journalism, site establishment, news writing, reaching the reader through social media usage, how to use the services provided by Google and journalism ethics will be covered. Each students should manage their own websites individually and within the group.

Exams and Projects

A practice exam, midterm and final project will be applied within the scope of the course.

  • Mid-term (practical exam) %15
  • Practices in class %35
  • Final project %50

Format of the Lesson

Creating News Portal course is going to be conducted to theoretical and practical. Theories are going to be transferred to form a basis for practical studies. All theoretical information will be shared on this site weekly.

Course Outcomes

At the end of the lesson, the student will learn how to set up the site, how the site infrastructure works, news writing, publishing and sharing, and will also have knowledge on topics such as search engine optimization, trend topic selection, site editing.

Important Notes

Participation in practical courses is not compulsory. However, it is not possible for those who do not participate to receive these practical scores later. Objections to grades must be made in writing within 15 days. If those who have not attended the visa application do not attend the visa application at least 1 week before the final exams, they are not entitled to participate again.

Useful Links

Weekly Courses Content

1. Week

A Brief History of the Internet and Terms
Websites and Histories
News Portal
Basic Internet Terms

2. Week

News Portal Setup
Portal Setup


3. Week

News Portal Editing
Category Editing
Page Editing
Menu Editing


4. Week

News Portal Editing
Text Entry / Adding Visuals / Publishing
Organizing Posts


5. Week

News Portal Editing
Adding External Links to Posts
Theme Editing
Fast replay of the last 3 weeks


6. Week

Questions and Answer section

7. Week

Practical Exam

Your group will be arranged in the class after the exam.

8 - 9. Weeks

Mid-Term Period

10. Week

Search Engine Optimized Article Writing

11. Week

News Writing Techniques


12. Week

Reader Increasing Techniques

13. Week

Journalism Ethics and Its Place on the Internet

14. Week

Final project submission

Detailed Grades

Practical Exam


You will create your own news portal according to your interest. It will be held on the class and you will have 1 hour to set up your portal.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Setup
  • Updates
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Widgets
  • Visuals
  • MenusPages
  • News (Posts)



We will have 5 practices in each class depends on the course scopes, and they highlighted on course time table. Each practice is 7 points.

Evaluation Criteria

Grades will be given according to results of the ability to solve the problem.

Final Project


It is going to be group project but everyone get grade individually. Each member should write 20 contents and post them.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Visiters
  • Shares
  • Listed
  • SEO
  • Page Design
  • Visuals
  • Report
  • News (Posts)
    • Post
    • Ethical
    • Original
    • Keywords
    • Length