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Creating News Portal

Eastern Mediterranean University Faculty of Communication and Media Studies Department of New Media and Journalism

Class Notes

Practical Exam

Within the scope of the course you took with the code NMEJ107, on Monday, November 6, 2023, at 11:40, you will have a 15% practice exam in the computer lab where we teach (FCMS – M003). The exam will take 1:00 hour and will be based on the practices we have made since the beginning of the semester. It will be convenient for you to come by archiving the articles and images you have written. It will save you time.

I would like to remind you about the points to be considered during the exam.

  1. All systems will be reset before the exam starts.
  2. Everyone will be responsible for their own system during the exam. Aid will not be accepted, and those who help will be deemed unsuccessful in the exam. If you get any help from outside of the class, you will be deemed unsuccessful too.
  3. You will set your own account and system.
  4. You can use the internet during the exam. I am giving the videos of the course below.
  5. The scope of the exam is as follows. You should be aware that different transactions to be made outside the scope will cause you to lose points.
  6. Behaviors such as asking questions and talking (among you or on the phone) during the exam are prohibited. Otherwise, those who exhibit these behaviors will be removed from the exam hall and will be deemed unsuccessful in the exam.
  7. You must have your content with you when you come to the exam. Those who do not comply with at least 3 contents and 2 pages rules will lose points.
  8. When the exam period is over, all accounts will be suspended and archived offline.
  9. The person who finishes the exam will leave the exam by signing the second signature on the attendance sheet. Don’t forget to sign. Otherwise, you will fail the exam.
Exam Scope
  • The exam will start from the WordPress account installation.
  • Activate the required theme (Mag and News).
  • Making the design correctly. We did all designs in the classes.
  • Uploading and publishing at least 3 contents and 2 pages, 2 ads to your website.

Final project groups will be determined and you will be asked to specify your group name. That’s why you have to be in the classroom after the exam.

Account Setup

Step by Step Visuals

Best Version










Cloud News





Info Nexus






Trend Talk






BONUS Projects

This activity involves reviewing a few of the reading package’s articles.

Reading Package

Although it is not required, you may choose to complete the project if you want to improve your grade. Below are all the prerequisites.

  1. Before publishing this project, you must publish at least 20 contents. You cannot earn the points in any other case.
  2. There will only be room for three posts, each worth five points. Anything more won’t be accepted. You might receive a total of 15 points.
  3. You must title your post with “- Review” and the name of the article. No submissions submitted as pages will be accepted.
  4. You won’t receive additional points if you don’t adhere to the requirements.