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I am preparing some awareness projects to carry out with your supports.


  • Cleaning Shores

  • Postcard Collection

    Postcard collection from all over the world

    I started accumulating postcards a long time ago. This curiosity started to grow with starting with the postcards I got from the places that I went and brought to me. After a while this interest got a little deeper and I wanted to share these postcards with people.

    For more information please check this link.


  • iFAMEB

    It is an communication and media studies glossary for scholars and students.

    iFAMEB is a glossary for scholars and students who work on communication and media studies field. It is also voluntary action to conduct.

  • Theory Book

    Communication and Media Studies Theories

    This book is going to include theories in the field of communication and media studies for basic understanding of theories.

    We faced some difficulties to understand theories, and thought that we should clarify theories for everyone in easy way. So, we decided to prepare the book for theories of communication and media studies field.