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08:30 – 11:30YMGA108
12:30 – 16:30YMGA252NMEJ252


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Haber Protalı Yaratma

Creating News Portal

As with the development of communication technology, changes have been inevitable in the field of media. For this reason, it will be examined how journalism on the internet is carried out, how its infrastructure will be established and how it is provided on it. In addition, it will be shown practically how to set up and run news portals.

Within the scope of the course, topics about the brief history of the internet, internet terms, journalism, site establishment, news writing, reaching the reader through social media usage, how to use the services provided by Google and journalism ethics will be covered. Each students should manage their own websites individually and within the group.

News Editing Technique

This course aims at introducing the students to the practical and intellectual skills necessary for video production with the new digital technological developments, especially for TV and online news where the viewers’ attentions tend to drift after a minute or two. The focus of the course is to help the potential TV and new media journalists, camera and editing operators to experience the principles and techniques of editing as the most critical step in the post-production process of any TV and new media production that have a few precious moments to establish a scene, introduce characters, advance a plotline and inform, surprise or entertain with a sharp focus. The students of this course will learn how to use to build specific shooting, recording and editing techniques that call on a range of skills, from the technical to the artistic, and it’s easy to get caught up in the nuances of shot composition or equipment operation.