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You should follow some steps which have given if you are a student, and need to write your article or thesis properly with any style. You can also suggest or ask anything in comment section below to add.

Office 365 - Importing styles on your document

This video is Turkish with English subtitle. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to ask on comment section below.

In this example; you will see how you can import any style document which has been sent you or downloaded, and apply to your current document.

One Response to “Usage of Office 365 Word”

  1. Vasvi Ciftcioglu

    Is there an easy way to fill in journal templates similar to this one?

    SAGE Journals template, article title [H1]
    Author names [AU]
    Abstract [ABKWH]
    Abstract text [ABKW]: Apply the paragraph styles listed in the guidelines (Alt+Ctrl+Shift+5, to open the “Styles window”). The copy-editor and typesetter will particularly need to be clear about the following paragraph styles:
    1. Heading levels [H1 to H4]
    2. Quotes [OQ/opening quote and QS/quote source]
    3. Extracts [EX]
    4. Bulleted and numbered lists [BL and NL]

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